postcard fairies

behind the scenes

Remember these?

the first three boxes of postcards

The postcards are now all grouped by département! Thanks to Genie and Shaina for a long day of sorting!

postcard fairies
Genie & Shaina



4 thoughts on “behind the scenes

  1. Wow! An overwhelming task of paper archeology. I admire your taking on this project. Is there enough information on the postcards for an easy sort? Can you be clinical in the sorting, or are you tempted to pause to admire the details of each postcard?


    1. Paper archaeology – exactly!
      Yes, we are normally able to locate the image on the postcard fairly quickly and without too much difficulty. But as we are doing this project for the love of it, we don’t feel too guilty for taking a moment to appreciate some of the more special cards or messages.

      You might also be interested in another blog – – commemorating some of those who fell in WW1.


    2. Thank you very much! Some postcards do have the départment on them although you have to know the départments fairly well in order to recognise them when you see them. But many do not, so the process is one very much indebted to the eternal wisdoms offered by Google and Wikipedia as well!

      As for being clinical – we do try to get into a rhythm, but of course there is always temptation. Most often it’s the message on the reverse that catches the eye – 9 times out of 10 it’s about the weather, but you do get the occasional gem that keeps you tempted to look for more!


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